August 12 - 13th, El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico

Two Comma Club LIVE Virtual Conference
Two Comma Club LIVE Virtual Conference
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Event testimonials

"We've implemented this framework over the past several months have generated over 40 front line agents."

- Levi Lascsak


Here's Some Footage From our Last Event...

"There is NOTHING I've ever seen that is more valuable than what

this event was.

They overdelivered!"

- Jay Kinder


"They laid out everything we needed from A TO Z. A proven repeatable process to magnetically draw in agents."

- Al Stasek


"Freedom Funnel Bootcamp gave us the tools to take us to the NEXT LEVEL!"


- James & Mariz Pham

"Freedom Funnel Bootcamp gave us the tools to take us to the NEXT LEVEL!"

- Carlos German


"This is was one of

the most valuable events I have ever been to and would definitely go again."

- Daniel Broaderick


"The content here was AMAZING. They gave us a done-for-you system for agent attraction"

- James Masey


"Freedom Funnel Bootcamp"

August 12 - 13th, 2024 - El Conquistador Resort, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

This is how it works...

What this is not...

Agent attraction is a process... Not an event. This event will teach you how to integrate digital marketing and sales processes to deliver appointments.

This is not the only way to do agent attraction.

This is not the traditional recruiting methods taught with cold approaches, scripts, and a list of prospects.

This is not for people who don't want to invest in agent attraction like a separate business.

This is not for agents who don't want to treat agent attraction like a business.

This is not an online course that doesn't work, leaving you not knowing where to start.

What this is...

This is a detailed plan you can take back and execute.

This includes project plans broken down to the tasks... a real blueprint to attract agents online.

The is a roadmap with the checklists, frameworks, templates, resources, and swipe files for executing.

This is a business model for operating an online business, that unlocks unfair value propositions.

It’s a skill set for turning FLA’s into FLQA’s.

This is about organizing, planning, and executing a digital marketing strategy.

What makes This Event different?

This event includes all the facets of execution... the what, when, why, and most importantly the WHO and how to manage the projects.

You're going to see the "behind the scenes" evolution of our agent attraction funnels and the changes we made to the funnel every year so you can have the best strategy for what’s working now.

You're going to have the templates turning weeks of time energy and effort, into days for executing your positioning, brand, and value proposition.

What do we believe?

  • One hour of planning is worth 1 week of execution.

  • Your offer is the single most important element of attracting agents rather than chasing.

  • You should always be working to improve your offer.

Why are we doing this?

We we're going to this event for others outside our industry... But we believe that this creates the most value to the marketplace.

We LIVE it, we are simply sharing what we do every day. Some will have the resources and the experience to take this information and implement it. Some will need help with implementation. That is the only reason we have limited this first event to 10 people.

Who is this for?

  • Seekers of a better way.

  • Anyone who believe skills can be learned.

  • Anyone who agrees the best digital marketers are growing the fastest.

  • Anyone who wants to grow and work by appointment.

  • Anyone who wants to build a product.

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